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My Approach

My Approach to Counselling

I offer counselling to help you bring about effective change in your life. These changes will be possible by us working together as a team to help you make changes to the way you relate to your thoughts and feelings.

“Embrace your demons, and follow your heart!”
(Russ Harris, The Happiness Trap)

I trained a Person Centred Therapist in 2009 and then in more recent years I’ve studied to become an ACT therapist. I work with mind/thought and body/feelings, and with helping you to take actions in line with your values. I also work therapeutically outdoors (more on this here).

Much of our suffering comes not from events and experiences but from our responses to these. We learn unhelpful ways to respond to life and to our own thoughts and feelings.

If so, you’re not alone.  Most of us have one or more of these tendencies.

But you don’t need to continue living this way.

The types of things you may be looking for me to work with you on could include low mood, depression, anxiety, grief, body image, obsessive behaviours and trauma. 

So, what next?

After working through an assessment process, we’ll set goals for you to work towards.

I’ll teach skills that will help you move closer to the life you want to build. We’ll practice these skills in session.

The aim of ACT (and our work together) is to create a rich, full and meaningful life, while accepting the pain that inevitably goes with it. ACT is pronounced ‘act’ and stands for Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

“Pathmaker, there is no path; You make the path by walking, By walking you make the Path”
(Antonio Machado)


To take the next steps please contact me via email, phone or text:
07738 555 763